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For many business owners, developing a marketing or branding strategy may seem like an option available only to those with a large marketing staff and even larger budget. This myth couldn't be further from the truth according to Dan Lynch. After spending more than 20 years leveraging his skills in different aspects of marketing and business development for leading International brands, Lynch puts his expertise to use for a variety of small and mid-sized organizations.

"The principals are identical," notes Lynch. "Regardless of size, every organization has target customer groups in mind. Their challenge is to find the most effective means of communicating their message to each group in order to attract and retain qualified customers in a crowded and ever changing competitive landscape."

In 2003, Lynch started Mattatuck Consulting and has helped numerous clients achieve their marketing and business objectives. His strength is working with technology-oriented products and services, but his understanding of sales and marketing fundamentals is well suited for any market — direct-to-consumer or business-to-business.

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